SpryPanel is no longer available for purchase and is no longer maintained. This site is available for legacy information only.
Affordable, design independent web based content management is here! SpryPanel offers breakthroughs in innovation, ease of use and reliability that simply cannot be matched by other content management solution. Experience a whole new way to seamlessly and effortlessly manage your web-site through the web.
Latest news

Announcing SpryPanel 3.1.

We are proud to announce that SpryPanel version 3.1 is now available. Among the several new features are:

  • An elegant new interface
  • Optional admin approval of content edits
  • Improved security
  • One click installation of themes and plugins
  • Completely graphical (web-based) installation
  • Enhanced global variables for more control
  • New PhotoGallery plug-in
Using SpryPanel on your web-site is easy, whether you are a web-site designer or simply interesting in being able to edit the content on your web-site without being required to know any programming. SpryPanel is completely design independent, so it can control any content on any site, and content editing couldn't be easier. But don't just take our word for it, try the live online demo.

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SpryPanel's feature set includes:
1. Full web-based content editing
- Set up SpryPanel to control any of the content on your web-site you wish with the greatest of ease through any web-browser.
2. Design independent
- Create your web-site to look and feel you wish. SpryPanel does not force you to use a predefined template.
3. Multi-user interface with user log-in
- More that one person can be given access to edit content on your web-site, if you wish, through a secure log-in procedure. Each user has their own access privileges and preferences.
4. Ease of integration with content heavy web-sites
- SpryPanel's content elements break even the most complex of web-pages into easy to edit data types and inputs.
5. Support for global, list and static content
- All web-pages with SpryPanel content have the ability to use list content for repeatable items, static content for non-repeatable content and global content which is available to every page.
6. What you see is what you get editor
- With SpryPanel's wysiwyg editor if you can use a word processor such as Microsoft Word, you can edit content on a web-site.
7. Complete formatting control
- All text input content elements have complete control over the formatting of the text (bold, underline, italics, colour, size, list, indent, links).
8. Built in spell checker
- SpryPanel's spell checker will let you check the spelling of any text input, so you don't need to worry about having spelling mistakes on your web-site (requires pspell to be installed on server).
9. Completely theamable
- You can theme SpryPanel to integrate it with your web-site (constant look and feel) or to match your mood.
10. Full plug-in support
- Extend SpryPanel's functionality through the use of plug-ins. A number are freely available, or you can develop your own. Installation of new plug-ins is done entirely from within SpryPanel
11. Simple to integrate with a current site, or design a new one around
- Build with flexibility in mind you can quickly integrate SpryPanel with an existing site, or develop an entirely new web-site around.
12. No knowledge of server programming required
- SpryPanel will guide you though the setting up of content on your web-site. Although the are lots of features for advanced coders to use as well!
13. Admin approval of content changes
- User content editing access can be set to allow full access, no access or require admin approval for content changes on a per user and per page basis.
14. Ease of installation
- Installing (and updating) SpryPanel on your web-site is as simple as uploading it to your web-server and running the install script. It will guide you easily through the installation procedure.
15. Streamlined interface
- Not only will SpryPanel control the content on your site with ease, it does it with grace and style as well. SpryPanel's streamlined interface makes it easy to do exactly what you want to do.